Soil Stabilisation and Remediation

Soil Stabilisation and Remediation


Quicklime (calcium oxide) is used to stabilise construction soils that are too wet, cohesive or weak to build on. The addition of lime also produces a chemical change in clay soils, which transforms the cohesive material into a granular form for soils with improved compaction and strength.

Our high purity Limbase quicklime is suitable for the stabilisation and remediation of both virgin and brownfields soils. Following the use of Limbase quicklime a stable base is left that’s strong enough to support the construction of roads, airports, power stations, sports stadiums, housing and commercial buildings.

When mixed with cement, Limbase also provides an environmentally conscious way of making marginal soils suitable for use within the construction process.

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Created using premium grade limestone from our Tunstead quarry in Derbyshire, Limbase quicklime solutions deliver:

  • Increased shear strength and bearing capacity
  • Reduction of susceptibility to shrinkage and swelling
  • Improved weather resistance
  • Reduced vehicle movement and landfill cost
  • Reduction of water content to improve strength, workability and compaction
  • Greatly reduced environmental impact
  • Avoidance of aggregate tax
  • Reduced construction cost
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Renowned throughout the construction industry for consistent quality and performance, Limbase quicklime (calcium oxide) provides a host of environmental, speed and cost benefits.

Available in a wide selection of sizes and different reactivity characteristics, Calbux quicklime (calcium oxide) solutions are recognised around the world for their high quality and consistent purity.


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