Basic oxygen steelmaking (BOS)

Basic oxygen steelmaking (BOS)


The BOS process is used for approximately 70% of the world’s steel production.

Our high purity fine ground Calbux Flowfine quicklime together with magnesium or aluminium powder is injected into molten iron to reduce the sulfur content in the iron before before the BOS process begins.

In the BOS process the molten iron is treated by injection of oxygen to reduce carbon content, combined with the addition of our high purity Calbux quicklime to produce slag for the removal of sulphur and other impurities.

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Our high purity Calbux quicklime range is of consistent high purity and available in a range of particle size and reactivity to suite any iron and steelmaking process and offers:

  • Consistent quality and chemistry
  • Low carbon
  • Medium to high reactivity
  • Flexibility and security of supply



 - Calbux Flowfine quicklime
 - AOD Calbux quicklime


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