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Few businesses rely on lime more than the pulp and paper industries. That’s because lime plays a vital role in both the creation of quality paper and the safe neutralisation of acidic effluent prior to being released into our water and land resources.

Paper pulp is produced using two different methods: the more common and modern sulphate (kraft) process, and the sulphite process. Our Calbux quicklime (calcium oxide) products and solutions play a critical part in paper pulp production. During the sulphate process quicklime acts as a causticising agent, while in the sulphite process it’s used as a source of calcium.

The sulphate process uses by far the largest quantity of lime and it’s essential the quicklime be of the highest purity to minimise the impact from trace elements during the causticising process.

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Tarmac Buxton Lime’s high purity Calbux quicklime offers a range of benefits for paper pulp production, including:

  • Consistent purity and chemistry
  • Conditioning and treatment of processed liquids
  • Preparation of bleaching agents
  • Fully certified to ISO 14001 by the Environmental Agency
  • Readily available in large quantities



Available in a wide selection of sizes and different reactivity characteristics, Calbux quicklime (calcium oxide) solutions are recognised around the world for their high quality and consistent purity.


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