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A natural, sustainable, alternative to harmful, inorganic compounds, such as caustic soda (NaOH), Tarmac Buxton Lime’s high purity lime products and solutions solutions are used in a wide range of chemical manufacturing processes from chemical reactions to refining.

Limbux hydrated lime (calcium hydroxide) and Calbux quicklime (calcium oxide) play an essential role in production many calcium based chemicals including:

Calcium borate
A crystal with a very defined structure, Calcium borate is used in the manufacture of diamond-metal composites, epoxy moulding compounds, ceramic glazes, polystyrene and Fertilizer.

Calcium hypochlorite
A fine chlorine powder, Calcium hypochlorite is used in water treatment and as a bleaching agent.

Calcium phosphate
A white solid with nutritious value, Calcium phosphate is added to foods. It is also used in the production of cosmetics, and as powder flow enhancer in other chemical processes.

Our industry-leading quicklime and hydrated lime solutions are also used:

  • As a chemical buffer, pH control or acid reducing additive in lubricating oils
  • For the purification of sodium chloride, aluminium oxide, and gelatine
  • The manufacture of citric acid, propylene oxide and acetylene gas

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Tarmac Buxton Lime’s Calbux quicklime and Limbux hydrated lime offer chemical manufacturers a wide range of benefits including:

  • Exceptional purity and consistent quality
  • Wide selection of sizes and different reactivity characteristics
  • Competitive and stable price compared to inorganic solutions such as caustic soda
  • Security of supply from the UK’s largest lime producer



Available in a wide selection of sizes and different reactivity characteristics, Calbux quicklime solutions are recognised all over the world for their high and consistent purity.

The Limbux range includes a comprehensive choice of high quality hydrated limes with different chemical and physical characteristics to suit any application.

Kalic Liquid Lime is a “milk of lime,” (suspension of calcium hydroxide). Unlike conventional milks of lime, it is highly stable in suspension and very fast reacting, making it is easy and cost effective to store and use.

A medium reactivity, fine ground quicklime.

High reactivity, fine ground quicklime.


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