Pulp and Paper


Paper pulp is produced using two different methods: sulphate (kraft) process and sulphite process. Our Calbux quicklime plays a critical role in both. it acts as a causticising agent in the sulphate process, and it is used as a source of calcium in the sulphite process.

The sulphate process uses by far the largest quantities of lime products and the quicklime needs to be of high quality. Extremely high demands are placed on purity and reactivity for optimum function in the causticizing process.

Calbux quicklime is also used in the preparation of bleaching agents, and the conditioning and treatment of processed liquids.

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Our high purity and consistent quality lime products and solutions offer maximum benefit, enabling efficient and cost effective operations with minimal impact from impurities.

We ship Calbux quicklime products for the papermaking industry across Europe and around the globe in bulk and bagged.





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