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Commonly known as limestone, calcium carbonate is a natural source of calcium; a mineral all animals rely on to aid growth, development and reproduction, ideal for animal feed.

With the introduction of new production requirements in the animal feed sector, providing an appropriate supply of quality calcium is essential to ensure high bioavailability and prevent metabolic disorders.

Renowned for their quality and purity, our animal feed grade Trucal limestone grits and granules and Trucarb limestone powders are added to animal feeds to aid the development of healthy bones, teeth and beaks. They can also be added to chicken feed to strengthen eggshells.

Our natural, no additive calcium carbonate solutions also support farmers by enabling them to achieve optimal animal nutrition and overcome the following:

  • European regulation on animal nutrition
  • Skeletal and bone problems
  • Reduced livestock appetite
  • Parasitic diseases
  • Animal hygiene
  • Poultry egg shell formation difficulties

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Providing high purity with high reflectance, our Trucal and Trucarb limestone products are ideal for animal feed as they offer:

  • Consistent high quality with a very low moisture content
  • Can be blended to meet specialist animal feed requirements
  • Undergo crushing, milling classification and screening to ensure consistency
  • Meet ISO 9001, ISO 50001, ISO 18001 and ISO 14001 standards
  • Comply with the FEMAS accreditation scheme



Suitable for a wide variety of applications, the Trucal range of limestone (calcium carbonate) grits and granules is produced from consistent, high purity limestone at our state-of-the-art Ballidon works.

Produced from high purity limestone (calcium carbonate), the Trucarb range of lime powders is recognised throughout the industry for its consistency and quality.


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