Sugar Refining


Hydrated lime (calcium hydroxide) is vital to the production of sugar from both sugar cane and sugar beets. Primarily used in the sugar industry for pH correction, it’s also used to remove impurities and colour from the sugar solution during sugar refining.

Refining sugar is an exact science, which is why high purity hydrated lime is essential to eliminate waste and ensure efficiency throughout the sugar refining process. Our Calbux quicklime (calcium oxide) and Limbux hydrated lime products provide the chemical consistency and purity required for the rapid reaction and clarification of sugarcane juice.

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Tarmac Buxton Lime’s high purity Calbux and Limbux products are ideal for sugar refining. They deliver:

  • Optimum lime consumption
  • Efficient clarification
  • Minimal impurities
  • Better process reliability
  • Long-term cost savings



Available in a wide selection of sizes and different reactivity characteristics, Calbux quicklime (calcium oxide) solutions are recognised around the world for their high quality and consistent purity.

The Limbux range includes a comprehensive choice of high quality hydrated limes with different chemical and physical characteristics to suit any application.

Unlike conventional milks of lime (a suspension of calcium hydroxide), Kalic liquid lime is very fast reacting and highly stable in suspension, making it easy and cost-effective to store and use.

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