Kalic Liquid Lime is a “milk of lime,” (suspension of calcium hydroxide). Unlike conventional milks of lime, it is highly stable in suspension and very fast reacting, making it is easy and cost effective to store and use.


- Non toxic and non corrosive
- Quality assured
- High purity and quality
- Consistent Chemistry
- Freezes at 0 degrees
- Safe handling and storage
- Improves heavy metal removal
- Stable against settlement


 - Bulk
 - IBCs

Kalic liquid lime is a stable liquid lime with consistent easy handling characteristics with fine and consistent particle size. It is a readymade, stable suspension of calcium hydroxide in water (milk of lime). With typical solids concentration of 18% w/w and particle size of approx. 1 micron. it contains no additives or additions, and can be handled as a liquid, eliminating the difficulties associated with powder and slurry.


Case Study

Kalic has enabled Toyota to maintain the high standard of effluent management and reduce the use of more expensive and hazardous treatment chemicals.

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