Our Lime products are renowned for their purity and consistency. Our lime and limestone products and solutions are used by leading organisations across a diverse range of sectors. From electricity generation, and water treatment, to agriculture, manufacturing, construction and steel.


Our range of high purity and quality quicklime products provide a comprehensive selection of reactivity and particle size distributions for use in many applications.


Our range of high performance hydrated limes is made from a selection of feed limes. This enables us to offer a variety of high purity, quality and efficient hydrated limes with differing chemical and physical characteristics suitable for many applications.


Liquid lime is used in water treatment, wastewater and sewage sludge treatment and acid neutralization. Liquid lime can be used as a substitute in a variety of “liquid caustic soda” applications and for alkali handling problems.


The “White Peak” range of lime products consists of Natural Hydraulic Lime (NHL), Lime Putty and Limewash. The White Peak Lime range has been specifically developed for traditional and sustainable construction projects and the renovation of heritage buildings.


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