Buxton Lime

Tarmac Buxton Lime is a global leader in the supply of lime and limestone solutions. We work with associated companies operating in Germany and the Czech Republic, Ireland, Poland and Russia to serve markets in Europe and the rest of the world.





Soil Stabilisation




Iron and Steel



Tarmac Buxton Lime

Tarmac's Buxton Lime manufacturing site is located in the heart of the Peak District. Our Tunstead quarry is one of the most energy efficient in Europe. The quality of the limestone produced at the site is a global leader.

Buxton lime plays a vital role in water purification, land remediation and power generation. It is also used in the production of essential materials ranging from construction products, iron, steel, plastics and glass, to medical products, personal care, animal feed and toothpaste.


Our reserves, manufacturing excellence and flexible logistics solutions ensure fast and efficient supply using the most sustainable methods of delivery.



Supply assurance, technical expertise and quality control.

Our lime and powders products are manufactured in compliance with the ISO 9001 management system.

Product quality is continuously monitored by our in-house technical team using the latest testing standards and analytical techniques in order to meet the current British, European and in-house specifications and regulations.

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